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7th August 2016
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Relocation Of Sockets and Switches

Relocating your existing sockets and light switches can not only improve the aesthetic appearance of these items but it can also offer practical advantages.


In some older homes in Aberdeen electrical sockets are placed within the skirting boards due to the height of these older pitch pine skirting boards, in these cases relocating sockets is pointless because it will leave a gaping hole which will be impossible to hide because any patch simply wouldn’t tie in with the grain of the existing wood and the colour of the wood would be different. In these cases upgrading the sockets themselves and possibly the wiring would be a good idea, especially if they have been fitted for some length of time and are plastic because the heat generated with use makes them brittle over time.

Reasons for relocating sockets may include home renovations such as adding an extra room which involves knocking down a wall, making it easier for a disabled occupant to access the switches and sockets within the home. Re-locating sockets in a modern home is far easier then the old style sockets fitted within the skirting boards, newer sockets are fitted in the plasterboard which is easily patched, taped and filled to make the repair virtually invisible, likewise for light switches. If you are considering the use of dimmer switches or converting single sockets into double sockets this is the time to make that decision, additional sockets can also be installed in new locations if desired as well. A to Z electrical services will be happy to advice you on a layout plan for your new sockets and light switches if you intend adding additional switches and sockets.

Moving light switches and sockets may involve some rewiring to extend the cable safely to accommodate the new position, typically wiring doesn’t have to much excess length and this would depend on the new location and how far it is from the existing switch or socket location. If using metal switches it is important to ensure the earth cable is securely fixed to the new socket or switch for safety reasons, if you intend to move these items yourself please follow all safety guidelines provided on your new equipment, although you can isolate the circuit from your circuit breaker if you are inexperienced you may wish to completely switch off the mains power. Please note if you have any alarm systems installed this may trigger the alarm as the unit may see this an attempted break in.

If on the other hand you would like us to provide a competitive quote for carrying out the work please call us on 01224 798951.

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