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Portable Appliance Testing is testing an electrical appliance to ensure the appliance does not put anyone in danger when they operate the appliance.

A PAT test can be applied to all movable appliances which includes but is not limited to, kettles, microwaves, electric fires, computers, televisions and many more movable electricial items. Frequently used items would naturally require more frequent testing. PAT testing is based on a risk based assessment and the conditions of use as well as frequency of use. PAT tests are carried out as part of an employers responsibility to protect their employees from danger, although the PAT test itself is not compulsory, it is the simplest means of compliance to the employers obligations regarding the safety of their employees.. Likewise a landlord has a responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances are safe for any new tenant moving into a rental property under The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.

How Is The PAT test Carried Out

The purpose of the portable appliance test is to ensure the appliance is safe to use under Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which requires all electrical systems and appliances are safe to use and do not present a danger to the operator of such equipment.

The process of testing the appliances themselves requires the use of a suitable PAT testing machine which will inject signals into the appliance and cable to check their integrity. A visual inspection will also be carried out for any visible defects of the appliance and it's cable.

Once testing has been completed you will receive a full set of the test results including all passes and fails with failed appliances a report detailing the reason of the fail result will be given. Labels will be placed on the appliances in relation to whether the appiance passed or failed.

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