Rewiring Specialists

Make Sure Your Wiring is Safe

Upgrading Your Wiring and Fusebox

If you are moving into a older property you may find the wiring is old and requires replacement in order to be safe. very often the type of sockets can be an easy indicator as to the type of wiring you have. Older sockets will likely have old wiring and it may be a sensible step to have the wiring checked.

Over time the insulation covering the wires deteriorates causing it to become brittle due to the heat given off from the electrical supply. If in any doubt we will be happy to inspect your wiring and offer genuinely honest advice.

Fuse Box installation

In older homes it is unlikely your property has a fusebox which offers the protection the latest fuseboxes offer. Offering the highest level of protection, the latest fuseboxes offer use RCD (residual current devices) switches to protect your wiring, sockets and connected appliances. RCD's instantly cut off the electrical supply if they detect dangerous conditions and have saved many lives.

In very old properties the fuses use wire which is wrapped around 2 pins, these fuse boxes offer no protection against an electric shock, if in doubt please contact us for further advice.

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