Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarms

Property Safety and Landlord Compliance

Smoke alarms are a life saving alarm which should be fitted in every home.

For home owners fitting smoke alarms allow early detection of fires and in doing so can and do save lives. Hard wired and wireless alarms can be fitted to ensure a longer life span of your alarm (hard wired alarms use a battery back up in the vent of a power outage).


Landlords have a legal obligation to fit smoke alarms and ensure they are fully operational before a new tenant moves into the property. Hard wired or wireless smoke alarms ensure full compliance and offer many advantages over alarms which reply solely on batteries as their power source. For larger properties hard wired and wireless smoke alarms are ideal due to the fact if one alarm is triggered, all alarms are activated to ensure occupants are aware there may be a fire in progress and to act accordingly.

A to Z Electrical Services can supply and fit range of smoke alarms including dual sensor alarms which act as both a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, perfect if you have gas appliances fitted in your property.

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