Is PAT Testing Compulsory For Landlords in 2016 ?
7th August 2016
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Technology In The Home You Can Use On The Move

Technology is an amazing thing, such is the progress of home electrics you can control your heating and your lighting on the move. Aberdeen’s pretty cold in the winter as we know so imagine this scenario we’ve probably all experienced before – you leave your home on the way to work, it’s been a busy morning, suddenly as lunchtime you suddenly remember you’ve forgotten to set your heating. It’s snowing outside and you’re going to be going home to a cold house which will take hours to warm up.

Not Any More !

Take Worcester-Bosch and it’s “Wave” technology, with a 2 core wire connection (which we can do for you !) connecting the control unit to the boiler, a quick tap on the “Wave” app and a couple of taps later, you’re heating will be on and your house will be nice and cosy for you arriving at home, pretty cool. Find out more about the Worcester-Bosch “Wave” here.


If you’re going away on holiday you make your home secure before you leave, making sure your windows are closed and locked, doors locked, those kinds of things. If you have fitted a burglar alarm you will naturally set your alarm on. All good but sometimes a burglar will look for homes where the lights have been off for a couple of nights, what then …

There are remote lighting kits such as Insteon, the system can be built upon and the starter kit can be installed to control 2 lights, once the wiring has been completed and tested the system can turn your lights on via an app on your smartphone. By turning your lights on randomly your are helping put off any potential burglars who may be looking over your home, all from the beach on holiday !


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